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Five Tips for Designing Remote, Unmoderated User Testing Tasks

Carrying out remote, unmoderated user testing is growing more and more popular with tools and services to help popping up all the time. The benefits are obvious – you can test as many people as you can get hold of … Continue reading

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Gamification doesn’t exist

The word ‘gamifcation’ is everywhere at the moment – everyone’s trying to grab some game-like elements and stick them into their products to try to make things ‘fun’ and ‘engaging’ – but when you dissect examples of so-called gamifcation, you … Continue reading

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Four reasons why I don’t think a ‘designer’s gotta code’

Jared Spool started this debate last summer, but recently his tweet, ‘The ugly truth: Designers who can code will squash designers who can’t code in the marketplace’ got me thinking about it again, mostly because he hashtagged the tweet, ‘designersgottacode’. … Continue reading

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Is the ‘UX Developer’ job title really a problem?

There’s been a lot talk lately about what the job title ‘UX Developer’ means and whether there is a place for it in the industry. Leisa Reichelt and others in the ‘yes’ camp think it’s fine – a perfectly valid … Continue reading

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Psychology is more than just a corner of UX

I was recently reading Dr Susan Weinschenk’s article on The Psychologist’s View of UX Design, (which, by the way, is a great introduction to some of the psychological principals of design) and I couldn’t help but wonder if she was … Continue reading

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